About Us

ADISCO, Inc, was founded 40+ years ago. The Corporate Office is located in central Connecticut. In June of 2009, we expanded manufacturing by opening a division in Kettering, OH. In August 2011 we completed our transition to Ohio whereas all manufacturing is being done at that facility. We continue to expand the Ohio division with the purchase of new equipment and technology. We have further expanded into the machining of metal components. Our machinists have over 40 years of expertise with metal machining. The Ohio location has also enabled us to venture into research and test machining of new composite materials.

Through proven machining processes and our expertise and knowledge of all types of plastics, we have become a premiere CNC Machining Company.

Our reputation has remained solid and consistent for providing our customers with reliability, on time delivery, high quality finishes and workmanship and stellar customer service.

Through development of our own proprietary process, bonding of materials can be achieved without the use of chemicals, adhesives or epoxies for those applications where chemical bonding can interfere with a product's performance.

We are ISO 9001 compliant.

Our success relies on your success.  We are available to meet your plastic and metal machining needs.